Fujitsu Forum 2015 Keynote – Open Source

forum-open-source-reger-bambroughLast week, Fujitsu held Europe’s largest IT-vendor event at the ICM Munich – a huge gathering of over 14,000 visitors getting the chance to see some of the very latest technologies and solutions the company has to offer.

I attended as an employee of Fujitsu UK, in a number of capacities including hosting at the Digital Applied Technologies (DAT) stand of the exhibition area giving our customers some insight into the exciting new innovations presently in development.  More of this in a later blog post.

As well as being busy demoing such items as our new Meeting Room Sensor, and Project Amplify, our new augmented reality software, I had the opportunity to present with James Bambrough (Head of DAT) in a section of the Joseph Reger keynote covering drone technology and open source (video below).

Disappointingly, after a significant amount of testing, rehearsal, network implementation and even real-world testing during previous keynotes, the video stream from our server to the AV room failed to deliver.  Whilst we will be investigating the reasons for the failure in the coming days, I thought I’d share an interesting screen grab from during that actual keynote.

Below, you’ll see two screenshots showing the number of wifi access points (2.4G and 5G) available from my position towards the front of the auditorium.  Although there was excellent public wifi available, many, many attendees brought their own hotspots and certainly used them!  This had a huge impact on our ability to stream, even though we expected this, and had countered this in a number of ways through our particular network configuration.

Screenshot_20151119-103025 Screenshot_20151119-103021

Further analysis will allow us to take some learning from this, but I found it really interesting that people were still really keen to use their own Internet access even though there was a 500Mb down pipe out of the event site itself.


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