Quick Post: 29/07/2016 – Instagram filters get trounced!

33e48638da578679eb4e7206fed763dcresNetFinal_14I’ve played with a multitude of Instagram filters in the past, and yes, there’s a number of them that do a pretty good job of turning a normally dodgy photo into something quite pleasing to the eye.  But, in essence its still the same photo file, it’s not been transformed as such.

It’s definitely not Instagram

Enter Prisma, which brings with it a mallet of artistry, and plants in firmly in the head of Instagram (and likely gives it a good kicking as well).

Never before have I really been taken aback by an app which does a job so simplistically, but provides an incredibly complex result.

So what is it actually doing?  Well, the software takes a new approach to filters, and uses a convolutional neural network technique (no, me neither…), which means it scans the photo to understand its structure.  It then applies a particular style to the photo, recreating it with spectacular results.

Everyone wants it

33e48638da578679eb4e7206fed763dcresNetFinal_final3The only problem with it at the moment, (and the main thing to remember), is that this is all done in the cloud, so you’ll need to be ‘net connected, and be happy that your photos are being handed off to the a server for processing.  This also means that at times of high demand, the app sometimes doesn’t complete the job, or takes an age – something I expect will improve as more resources are thrown at it.

The app has been available for a few weeks now on iOS and has just arrived on Android.

Where can I download it from?

Get it from Apple’s App Store, or if you’re an Android user Google Play is your port of call.