New Blog, New Start

So after a very long time away from blogging, here’s my second attempt.  I’m not promising to blog every day, not even every week (or month or year for that matter…), but when I do, I hope to be churning out something of interest, although that depends very much on your tastes.

If you like what I write, then great.  If you don’t, then that’s not so great, but I’ll keep going.  In fact, have a moan at me if it helps and I’ll see what I can do to write on something you might like!

In terms of a basic (and this is very basic because I’ve not thought about it too hard yet) plan, I intend to cover bits and pieces on Internet of Things (IoT) over the next few weeks.  It’s my current area of interest, and I’ve spent many a late night burning boards, getting frustrated, but eventually coming out the other side a more informed (although more aged) individual.

Some of these bits and pieces I’ve learned will hopefully lead to you (if you get the IoT bug) saving a load of time if you try any of this stuff – so I’m actually going to be doing a bit of good!

Right, as ever when I decide to do this stuff, it’s late, but its my first post, and its a start.

Hope to keep you interested.  Lets see!


    • Thanks Mark. First official post is up tonight! A bit more advanced than planned as it jumps a few steps, but interesting all the same.

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