Take Control Of Outlook Windows

I don’t know about you, but after a few days of not fully shutting down my laptop, I easily have 30+ Outlook windows open. At that critical moment when you truly need to restart your laptop, that sinking feeling of needing to manually close window after window is painful!

How I feel after shutting down far too many Outlook windows

I won’t ponder in detail here why I never shut them down, but suffice to say that when I get a task done, I just move onto the next one – who needs to be spending time closing all those windows? (me, apparently at reboot time…)

There must be so many people out there with the same issue, and so I decided to do a bit of Googling to find a solution, and there is one out there!

How do I transform my Outlook life?

So to close ALL your Outlook windows in two mouse clicks, simply head to the “View” tab on the ribbon menu (its looks different depending on which version of Outlook you use), and hit “Close All Items”. Its that simple!

Those Steps in Detail – Outlook 2016

For Outlook 2016, you’ll find the “View” tab is normally towards the end of the row.

Once clicked, now look for the “Close All Items” icon which in this case is all the way to the right.

Those Steps in Detail – Office 365

For Office 365, you’ll find the “View” tab is also towards the end of the row.

Now look for the “Close All Items” icon which should be far right (for standard Outlook set-ups.

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