Essential NodeMCU Stuff

nodemcuHere’s a list of helpful links for anyone interested in NodeMCU stuff.  Think of it as a way of getting started really quickly.  I’ll probably get around to doing some blog posts on each of these items in the future!

Where to buy a NodeMCU board:

  • I recommend eBay – more specifically digital_store_2014.  This item comes from Hong Kong but its the official dev board, and super super cheap.  It takes roughly 12 days to ship using the free shipping option.  There are fakes out there.

First grab the latest and greatest LUA firmware:

To easily flash the board (with the .bin above):

  • Use ESP8266Flasher.exe which you can find on GitHub: nodemcu-flasher – download the ZIP, and look for: nodemcu-flasher-master\Win64\Release (or Win32 if you’re running 32-bit Windows)

Development Environments:


Code Snippets:

  • Here on my site: NodeMCU bits of code

More info to come!

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