Video Diary – November 2015 – Japan!

IMG_20151123_170349As part of my trip to Japan for the Fujitsu SSP Convention, I’ve been asked to put together a video diary.  Whilst not the norm for me, I’m having a go at it all the same, so I hope you enjoy these snippets!

Be warned that you’ll find no Spielberg quality editing, witty banter, or special effects, but you’ll hopefully get some impression of what a trip to the SSP Convention means – and if you’re a Fujitsu employee, you might even want to apply for the next event?!

All videos are currently being posted as quickly as possible, but I do have a lot of photos to include in this blog post which explain things in better detail – on my return to the UK, these will also be uploaded and put into the timeline.

LATEST UPDATE: Impressed by the airport robot, we just had to video it – find it at the bottom of the page!

Video Diary 1: Heathrow

Video Diary 2 – On the train, heading to Shinagawa

Video Diary 3 – Out and about

Video Diary 4 – Tuesday morning

Video Diary 5 – Tuesday – Don’t forget your drinks!

Video Diary 6 – Tuesday Afternoon – Rehearsals complete

Video Diary 7 – Wednesday Morning

Video Diary 8 – Wednesday Breakfast

Video Diary 9 – SSP Winners!  Both myself and Andy Platt & Dave Tucker WON our respective group finals with “Best Presentation”.  We believe its the first winners of SSP outside of Japan!  Here’s the post-match interview…

Video Diary 10 – SSP Winners Pt.2 – wandering around Tokyo looking for significant landmarks (and a few beers)

Airport Robot

Video Diary 11 – SSP Top Tips – Episode 1

…and here’s what all the hard work results in!  I also won the “Excellent Paper Award” overall (further below), so even more pleased!





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