Quick Post: 13/06/2016 – Xbox, Ozo, Crisis, Hyper-Reality

New XBox One is expected at E3


Is this the new Xbox One design?

A new XBox looks very likely to be announced at E3 (yep, this one above).  Whilst I  like the look, the big concern I have is what it does to the overall Xbox hardware offering – will parents be hassled for a new Xbox this Xmas just because it supports 4K?

What does the games industry think of this muddying of the landscape?

It’s reported that the “brick” power supply has been consumed into the main unit – this can only be a good thing as the current solution is really ugly!

Finally, will the new system support a way of getting a VR unit into the hands of those Xbox users? (my money is on “yes”).

More here at The Verge.

David Guetta Parties with OZO at Euro 2016


Nokia OZO giving David Guetta a hand at the Euro 2016 launch

Uefa recently announced the use of Nokia OZO devices at selected Euro 2016 games to capture stadium atmosphere.  The device was then spotted neatly sitting like some sort of wierd alien next to David Guetta at the opening ceremony at Stade de France

There’s no official news as yet on how to access the footage that’s been captured (which to be honest is plain odd!)

More video of the event on YouTube.

Digital Crisis?  What Digital Crisis?

FreeImages.com/Jakub Krechowicz

FreeImages.com/Jakub Krechowicz

BBC are today reporting that the Commons Science and Technology Committee have produced a report saying the UK is in a digital skills crisis.  In terms of what they said about schools:

  • 22% of IT equipment in schools is ineffective
  • Just 35% of computer science teachers had a relevant qualification
  • Only 70% of the required number of computer science teachers have been recruited

I know from my experience with a primary school that IT seems to be just doing “stuff” on iPads – not the best start!

Hyper-Reality (warning – requires paracetamol)

Finally, I’m still impressed with this view of our AR future, so wanted to share it again:

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