Quick Post: 14/06/2016 – Mo-cap video, pointy thing

Motion capture at its best

On my Twitter travels I came across this godsmackingly good piece of work by Method Studios.  Once you realise the effort that has gone into this from a technical point of view, you only can stand in awe.

Sony’s new (slightly comical looking) VR controllerSony VR Gun Controller

The Sony E3 press conference came up with a host of announcements including how we’ll be controlling all those FPS games in VR with the delightfully looking device you see here.  I actually expect that it will feel very natural to hold once you have that VR headset on.

With the date of October 13th now written into the diary of possibly many PS4 owners (including yours truly), pennies will definitely be being saved for what I believe will be a significant piece of kit in this new VR space.


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