Quick Post: 13/07/2016 – No Sweat!, plus, Robots prefer Adidas

Lets Keep Cool Out There!

thanko1I nearly dropped my coffee this morning when I hit a link on our wonderful web and came across these interesting little devices that could help us all in the summer months.  Presently only available in Japan from Thanko, each handy unit blows a cooling breeze into those sometime damp armpit areas, solving a problem plaguing human-kind since the dawn of time.

Now, I could be picky and state that the overall design leaves a little to be desired.  I mean, how comfortable does it look to have a small plastic box sat right under your armpit?  Also, I’m guessing it might generate some noise as well?  But what’s some noise and discomfort when you end up with cool armpits!

I’m just wondering now if they ship to the UK so I can try them out.  That said, I need some high quality summer sun as well (or a quick jog around the neighbourhood).

Robots Now Walk in Style

There’s lots of research out there now covering robot walking and balance, but I’ve yet to see a robot who which was picky about its footwear.

Researchers at AMBER Lab describe the work they’ve carried out as, “Human-like walking on the humanoid robot DURUS. The robot displays the natural heel-strike and toe push-off behaviors that play a key role in human locomotion.”

Importantly, because the robot has a realistic walking pattern, footwear is applicable and so it’s been kitted out with a nice pair of Adidas.  My preference is Nike, but in this case I don’t think it matters!

Check out the video below and see it in action!


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