Quick Post: 27/07/2016 – Pooper – What a load of…

Pooper – the app for crap?


Happy pooping?

I still really want to believe this app isn’t real.  Lets be honest – if you have taken the decision to have a dog as a pet, then there’s consequences, like picking up its “poop” to consider.  You surely can’t offload that to a third party to do (doo)?

Essentially, your dog does its poop, and you open the app to report it, but, (and don’t read the next bit if you’re eating), you then PHOTOGRAPH it, add a geolocation point, and request a “scooper” to pick it up!

Scoopers are paid per pick-up, and app users have a number of different pricing tiers depending on how “regular” your dog is!

I was also thinking… what happens when you’re chased down the road by irate citizens who think you’ve left a big steaming pile of dog poop on the pavement?  “Oh don’t worry, my scooper will be there in a minute to pick it up”.


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