Quick Post: 23/10/2016 – Nike Mags are finally real

Those of us who are a little more mature will recall the Back to the Future 2 scene where Marty McFly puts on a pair of Nike shoes with power laces.  If you don’t know what I’m referring to, then check out the clip below.

Since the film release in 1989, there has been plenty of talk in relation to these things becoming real.  Well, after only 27 years, they ARE real, but unfortunately you’re unlikely to get your hands on them.


Source: news.nike.com (http://news.nike.com/news/how-to-get-the-2016-nike-mag)

Nike decided to produce just 89 pairs of shoes (possibly in a nod back to the original year of release), and auctioned 88 pairs for Parkinsons disease research – something that Michael J. Fox has been fighting for a number of years.  That auction finished in the last few days, with the star tweeting that it had raised $6.75m – a huge amount for a really worthwhile cause.



But, if you’re still keen to at least see them working in real life, WIRED managed to grab some video when they tried them on recently, so check out the clip below.

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