Stuff I discovered last week

A quick (irregular!) update on various things I came across this week which you might want to take a look at yourself. Some will be old, some new, so don’t be telling me, “oh that’s been out ages” – I’ve only got so many hours in a day to watch/read/listen!

Free external storage for your Xbox / PS4

Final task of the weekend was to take apart a Sky HD box which I knew had a fairly decent hard drive in it. I run out of space on my PS4 regularly, so some temporary external storage would help a lot. With no other hard drives to hand, I remember the Sky box was sat under my bed gathering dust.

With screwdrivers primed and a bit of YouTubing, the result was a 500gb drive just requiring a enclosure. It also ended with this pile of electronics and plastic so a trip to the recycling centre nearby will be needed…

More Pixel 3 Playground Content

I discovered more new content for the Playground component of my Pixel 3 camera, so here’s a taster of whats possible now with just a few seconds of effort using augmented reality!

Is it at least a 7?

So a couple of films which I’ve hugely enjoyed recently.

In terms of how I decide whether to watch a film or not, I’ve got a “IMDB 7 or more” rule, in other words, if a film doesn’t reach at least 7.0 out of 10, then I won’t watch it. I was surprised both films only just reached that figure, but in the end, the internet public can finicky! I’m not going to do a review of each film because surely a recommendation is enough, and anyway, if you care enough, you’ll Google it, so here’s the trailers for each to help you out.

Crazy Rich Asians (IMDB: 7.0 at time of writing)

A Quiet Place (IMDB: 7.6 at time of writing)

Samsung Galaxy S10 Leak

Didn’t take long did it? With just a few weeks to go before launch, plenty of images arrived on Twitter of the new S10 and S10+ models. I’m much more of a fan of the hole-punch style front facing camera you can see here than the notch seen in recent models. Still happy with my Pixel 3 though.

Hangxiety – so thats what its called!

My “drinking more than I should” days are more limited now purely because I’m probably getting older and wiser, but one thing that I’d noticed in recent years was that feeling of anxiety if I had over indulged. It can be pretty horrible, but it turns out there’s plenty of science to explain it.

Dr David Nutt (you may recall he created upset on a regular basis with the government on his opinions regarding alcohol and how it should be classified) gives some great insight into the links between drinking and how we feel the next day:

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